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5 technology trends likely to continue booming in a post-COVID world

Ewa Józefkowicz Content Marketing Manager 5 min read Blog list image

When the Coronavirus pandemic began at the start of March, we all quickly understood that we would have to adapt our day-to-day lives to fight the invisible enemy. Businesses promptly moved to a remote setup,…

Thinking of building an app in React Native? Learn from the top products in the market which use it

Ewa Józefkowicz Content Marketing Manager 5 min read Blog list image

At 10Clouds, we’ve worked using React Native for several years and have used it for projects ranging vastly in scope and size. They include both large-scale apps used by hundreds of thousands of users, and…

The evolution of customer experience in FinTech

Ewa Józefkowicz Content Marketing Manager 9 min read Blog list image

The world of online banking is constantly evolving and many children growing up today may never have to visit a bank in person, instead managing all their finances from their digital devices. This is worlds…

The steady rise of FinTech – and what we can predict about the future of financial services

Karol Stępień Banking and FinTech services 9 min read Blog list image

Over the past few years, FinTech has become a highly popular buzzword. We speak to Karol Stępień, Business Banking and FinTech expert and executive, to get his thoughts on what has led to FinTech’s rapid…

KYC and FinTech: Addressing the challenges of knowing your customer in the digital era

Karol Stępień Banking and FinTech services 5 min read Blog list image

‘KYC’ is one of the most important terms in FinTech, as ‘knowing your customer’ is a regulatory requirement for all financial institutions. The main goal is fraud prevention and constraining the ability of certain users…

Safe 14 – Identity as a tool in a global crisis

10Clouds 2 min read Blog list image

While the word continues to battle the COVID-19 pandemic head on, it’s important to find the glimmers of hope among the bad news. Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen communities in all countries across…

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Gareth N. Genner

Co-Founder of Trust Stamp


We needed a partner who could take on our idea, and make it real. 10Clouds bring so many different skills. We feel that every member that’s involved in the project is a member of our team.